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Lawrence Clark Powell Reads His Works

By Mari Wadsworth

SEPTEMBER 2, 1997:  LAWRENCE CLARK POWELL traveled out West in a boxcar some 90 years ago, "to seek my fortune," he chuckles. He was four months old on that first adventure.

But in the intervening years he's become a unique and elegant voice on the geography and character of the American Southwest, translating his extensive travels and memory of its writers and artists into more than 100 books and articles.

Though many of them are out of print, a project spearheaded by Singing Wind Bookshop owner Winifred Bundy and local author Brian Laird has recorded some of Powell's finest regional commentary into a three-volume audio set that is itself historic.

Powell's voice is magnificent: like sitting at your grandfather's knee while he regales the room with stories of a lost world. He invokes the land through the voices of other naturalists, adventurers and historians, quoting passages sure to inspire listeners of all ages on to further reading about the desert.

He's like an elder, passing on to the next generation a vision and insight unique to his generation: a time when a wild, untamed Colorado River still flowed to the sea, before the open spaces of the Sonoran Desert were carved and bladed into air-conditioned, stuccoed-over meccas of human consumption...the transformation from stagecoaches and boxcars to automobiles and space shuttles.

Add in original acoustic accompaniment by musicians Joey Burns and John Convertino, and this legacy of storytelling promises hours of education and entertainment for all who share Powell's sense of place and love for this desert.

To order Vol. I: Southwest, an Essay on the Land; Vol. II: Where Water Flows--The Rivers of Arizona; or Vol. III: Revista Nueva Mexicana, send check payable to Singing Wind Audio, and $5 per volume for shipping, to P.O. Box 2197, Benson, AZ 85602. For information and a listing of autographed, out-of-print books by Powell also for sale, call 1-520-586-2425.

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