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B rown & Root, arguably the most famous construction company in Texas, is once again near the center of a presidential race. And the company's political connections are once again paying big dividends.

Part of the reason the media didn't focus on protestors' issues at the Democratic convention was there wasn't a single message. On the other hand, it was obvious what the activists' major message was: Democrats are beholden to corporate interests and hostile to progressive issues.

Centrism and diversity were, for the Democrats of Los Angeles as for the Republicans of Philadelphia earlier, the watchwords of the day, the twin peaks of a prosperous time in the history of the world's surviving superpower.

Also, Project Vote Smart, gay and lesbian parents, lake troubles in Southern Arizona, and more.

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E Pluribus [9]
Agreeing to disagreeing, both the Republicans and Democrats show promise of a better future.
— Jackson Baker, MEMPHIS FLYER
Dem Bones [10]
Dorkiness triumphed at the Democratic convention.
True Depression [11]
Putting the Kursk tragedy in persepective.
— Captain Opinion, WEEKLY ALIBI
What's In A Name? [12]
It's not easy being Przybyszewski.
— Chris Przybyszewski, MEMPHIS FLYER
Boys Vs. Girls [13]
No matter what anyone says, it's just not fair to pit teenage boys against teenage girls in a ball game.
— Walter Jowers, NASHVILLE SCENE
Lost and Found Dept. [14]
Vehicle navigation systems.
— Marc K. Stengel, NASHVILLE SCENE

Now What? [17]
Can't get enough news? You're in luck -- more news is created every day. Our Now What? page offers a plethora of recommended links to help keep you living in the present.

Volume IV, Issue 10
August 28 - September 11, 2000  

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The Candidate From Brown and Root [2]
As Halliburton CEO, Dick Cheney and his employer made millions on government projects.
What I Saw At The Revolution [3]
Protesters outside the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles were eager to voice their opinions in a wide range of issues; but was anyone eager to listen?
Better Angels [4]
Al Gore's Democrats, stalked by a shadow army of protestors, go marching as to war.
— Jackson Baker, MEMPHIS FLYER
Smart Asset [5]
Project Vote Smart continues its work to save democracy--and it doesn't cost you a penny!
— Jim Nintzel, TUCSON WEEKLY
The New Nuclear Family [6]
What was once inconceivable.
— Jonathan David Carroll, AUSTIN CHRONICLE
Irate Lakes [7]
After so much use and abuse, Southern Arizona's lakes have turned nasty.
Paradise Under Construction [8]
Constructing Atlantis in the Gulf of Mexico.
— Ben Ikenson, WEEKLY ALIBI

Teeny Tidbits
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Odds and Ends [15]
Time-released news capsules from the flipside.
— Devin D. O'Leary, WEEKLY ALIBI
Mr. Smarty Pants [16]
Those Canadians sure know how to flush.
— Mr. Smarty Pants, AUSTIN CHRONICLE

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