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Volume IV, Issue 10
August 28 - September 11, 2000  

P aris is at your fingertips night and day on the web, and your visit to the City of Lights can be enhanced by the glow of the computer screen.

Poet and writer Jim Paul believes in "moving on to the next new thing," and has now moved from a 20-year freelance writing career in San Francisco to a position as director of the University of Arizona Poetry Center.

The hottest breed of celebrity is the celebrity chef, who has become the pervasive king of mass media, feeding a world that loves to eat out more than it loves to cook but perhaps not as much as it loves the idea of cooking.

Also, making tequila, small farmers, and more.

Now What? [7]
A gallery of captivating links to keep your imagination churning while the paint dries.

Featured Articles
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Paris by Net [2]
Surfing to the City of Light.
— Margaret Moser, AUSTIN CHRONICLE
Manifest Destiny [3]
Jim Paul guides the UA Poetry Center into new territory.

Food & Drink
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Someone's in the Kitchen [4]
Literary chefs spill the beans on what happens behind kitchen doors.
— Shelly Ridenour, NEWCITY CHICAGO
Liquid Sunshine [5]
Park Kerr makes tequila the old-fashioned way, by agonizing over it.
Farm Stands [6]
Often utilizing organic methods of growth, small farms have to take extra steps to set themselves apart from the herd.
— Margaret Wappler, NEWCITY CHICAGO

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