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A fter seven years of waiting for a trial to answer key questions relating to the Branch Davidian clash at Waco, the public and the press were forbidden to question jurors or even learn their names. The disappearance of the jury at the end of the hotly contested civil case added yet another measure of ambiguity to the Waco controversy.

Democrats may not have wanted to party with Hugh Hefner at the Playboy mansion in Los Angeles, but the media types covering the convention sure did. The Memphis Flyer's Ashley Fantz made her way into the lair, only to discover...

The biggest obstacle keeping Barbie from sashaying into the Oval Office is her reputation for seeming wooden. Or at least plastic. But she's no stiffer than that guy from Tennessee.

Also, Judge Joe Brown eyes higher office from his TV bench, tribes are split by the U.S.-Mexico border, and more.

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Letters at 3AM [8]
Preparing for war with Europe.
— Michael Ventura, AUSTIN CHRONICLE

Teeny Tidbits
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Mr. Smarty Pants [9]
Prairie dogs have housing crunches, too.
— Mr. Smarty Pants, AUSTIN CHRONICLE
Now What? [10]
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Volume IV, Issue 9
August 21 - August 28, 2000  

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Trial and Error [2]
Questions raised about whether cards were stacked against Davidians in their civil suit against the federal government.
Party at Hef's Place [3]
Inside the Playboy Mansion party for the Democratic National Convention in L.A.
— Ashley Fantz, MEMPHIS FLYER
Molded to Run [4]
Barbie for president.
— Ashley Fantz, MEMPHIS FLYER
Judging Judge Joe Brown [5]
Television's most popular judge has big plans for his hometown of Memphis.
— Rebekah Gleaves, MEMPHIS FLYER
Passport Purgatory [6]
Border tribes cross an uncertain line.
— Tim Vanderpool, TUCSON WEEKLY
Child's Play [7]
Kevin Wood discovers that there's a lot to learn while teaching kids.

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