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"I Like What I See at the Waffle House," Jason Bowen
AUGUST 11, 1997:  Most of the Waffle House songs are up-tempo country tunes, and this celebration of the Waffle House Way is especially upbeat. Strong coffee, a sweet waitress, and happy faces all around.

"Waffle Do-Wop," Eddie Middleton
A bold stylistic detour in Fabulous Fifties mode. "Waffle House, you've always been there," sobs the singer. The saxophone pours syrup over an already moist platter.

"Special Lady at the Waffle House," Billy Dee Cox
A friend of mine swears that every guy falls in love with a waitress for at least five minutes. This affair clocks in at right around three.

"Waffle House Hashbrowns (I Love You)," Billy Dee Cox
A strong candidate for the single most unbearable Waffle House song. "You know I long for you...you melt in my mouth. I'm crazy about you, pretty golden hashbrowns." Not a joke, a cry for help.

Grit parade Customers--not staffers--never tire of Waffle House songs.

"I Feel Good (at the Waffle House)," Alfreda Gerald
La Casa del Waffle gets down and funky to the disco beat of today!

"844,739 Ways to Eat a Hamburger at Waffle House," Billy Dee Cox
The moral of this tale: Never ask how you can get your burger made to order at Waffle House. Only about eight ways are mentioned, thank God. "Thanks for the lesson learned," drawls the poor customer, "but for the benefit of all concerned, I think I'll just have my hamburger plain."

"Overdoing," Mary Welch Rogers
Not an ode to indigestion, as expected. "Overdoing is what we do for you," chirps a waitress in this peppy number. "I like this song," said a cook. "It sounds like that KFC commercial on TV."

"Why Would You Eat Your Grits Anyplace Else?," Mary Welch Rogers
"Gimme a `G!'...Gimme an `R!'...Gimme an `I!'...." Gimme a break.

"We're Gonna Push," Gary Garcia/"What We Can Do," Walter Carter Jr.
Think of the first side as an anthem, a manifesto. The second side's a bit more pragmatic.

"Life Is Like a Cup of Coffee," Mary Welch Rogers
Now that's a simile!

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