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AUGUST 10, 1998: 

Jamie Lee Curtis will always be put-upon baby-sitter Laurie Strode in the mind of a slasher-flick fan. Now that fan will finally have a stab at closure, as Curtis returns as an older, wiser Strode who is still set upon by a masked ghoulie who wants to carve her like a pumpkin.
Prediction: Can this sequel possibly live up to the original, a film that has had two decades to achieve a cult following? And what other horror movies will return from the grave now that Scream has proven that audiences are ready for the genre to make a comeback? Please, stop the insanity.
Probable Entertainment Value: C

Sixteen-year-old Dedee runs away to Indiana, moves in with her brother, sleeps with his lover, and sets off a cross-country chase. This is not the sort of female that you'd take home to mom, unless you want to watch them compare tattoos. Christina Ricci gets to prove that she can play sluts too, just like so many kid actors looking to break into more adult roles.
Prediction: Any film that has Lyle Lovett playing a cop and the word "sex" in the title is a keeper in my book.
Probable Entertainment Value: A

Boxing matches are full of potential violence and not just for the fighters. The Secretary of Defense is assassinated at an Atlantic City heavyweight bout. All 14,000 spectators become suspects. Nicholas Cage and Gary Sinise figure out whodunit. But I don't think we ever discover who wins the fight.
Prediction: When Brian De Palma hits, he hits big. Mission: Impossible, Scarface, and The Untouchables each made megabucks. And when he fails, it is equally spectacular: think Bonfire of the Vanities. Bruce Willis' absence from Snake Eyes, however, can be read as a good omen.
Probable Entertainment Value: B

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