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By R.U. Steinberg

AUGUST 3, 1998: 

Delaware is called "the chemical capital of the world" because DuPont and Zeneca make their bases in Wilmington.

The phrase "gung ho" started off as "kung ho," which was an abbreviation for a Communist organization, the Chinese Industrial Cooperative Society.

In 1963, IBM employee Arthur Samuel became the first person to teach a computer to play checkers.

Flesh-eating bacteria can devour a person's skin at the rate of one inch an hour.

The story of the landing at Plymouth Rock originated in the early 1800s with the reminiscences of a 90-year-old grandson of a Pilgrim who arrived five years after the Mayflower.

The above is information which Mr. Smarty Pants read in a book, a magazine, or the newspaper; heard on the radio; saw on television; or overheard at a party. Got any facts? Email Mr. Smarty Pants at mrpants@auschron.com

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