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Death for Lunch, Breakfast and Dinner

By Cap'n O

AUGUST 2, 1999:  The Columbine High School murders have left me saddened and outraged. So have the deaths of thousands of other young Americans who were shot, stabbed, thrown onto railroad tracks, smashed with chunks of concrete, slashed with broken glass bottles, beaten with hammers, thrown out of windows, poisoned and starved by their parents last year.

Why the violence, I ask despairingly of the Almighty? Why are we Americans such a violent society?

I got the answer, not from the Almighty, but from one of this paper's food writers, Gail Davis, who wrote a few weeks ago that our children have so little regard for life because school cafeterias "are serving murder for lunch."

Bless Davis! Finally someone has figured this out. But Davis hasn't gone far enough. All over this nation death is being served for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. The death merchants who push death on us and our children do so in order to profit from their industry of systematic murder. And if you care about our children, if you care about life, demand that this carnage stop. Demand that people stop eating vegetables. Demand an end to vegetarianism.

Davis, a vegetarian, complained recently that meat eaters are the cause of so much death in the nation because we eat meat and kill cows. But like all fanatic vegetarians, Davis smugly refuses to acknowledge that her dietary practices lead not only to the death of billions of God's living creatures each year, but also to the horrible disfigurement of billions of others and to the mass consumption of fetuses, heads and numerous other body parts.

It's true. Billions of plants are killed, mutilated, robbed of their offspring and beheaded to satisfy vegetarians' cravings for roughage and a lifestyle that makes them feel they can preach to everyone else.

So for you smug, arrogant vegetarians who spend your time denouncing meat eaters as killers, let's go over the ways your lifestyle leads to the murder and maiming of God's living, gentle creatures.

Enjoying that salad? If it's made with iceberg, romaine, escarole or even the highly-prized Bibb lettuce, enjoy, because a live plant was beheaded to satisfy your appetite. Hundreds of millions of lettuce plants have their heads chopped off each year to bring you salad. Ever see a harvested lettuce field? It's a killing ground filled with headless stumps and littered with leaves that were once part of a living plant. And observe that juicy, milky substance that oozes out of a lettuce head when you trim its brown stump. It's plant blood!

Here are some other living plants that have their heads chopped off to feed vegetarians: cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, celery. Broccoli and cabbage will continue to grow in a beheaded state, but they will be hideous looking things straight out of a horror show. They will grow tiny heads out of their sides and at the bases of where their heads were cut off.

Carrots are simply murdered. They're pulled out of the ground live so vegetarians can bring them into work in little plastic bags and nibble at them all day while pretending to be superior to their colleagues. If not torn out of the ground, carrots would live another year. They have a two-year life cycle. In their second year of life they produce seeds.

Turnips, rutabagas, parsnips, radishes and green onions are also yanked out of the ground while still alive.

Vegetarians are fetus eaters. Eyeing that juicy tomato? Look at the seeds in it. When you eat them, you're swallowing tomato fetuses. It's true. The seeds contain all the things needed to make another whole tomato plant. How do they taste?

That's also the case with those flattened oats you eat as oatmeal for breakfast and with the ground up wheat seeds that you eat in your whole wheat bread. They contain oat and wheat embryos.

Oats are run through huge metal rollers and smashed in order to make them into oatmeal.

Many plants have their offspring ripped and sliced off their bodies -- tomatoes, summer squash, peppers, eggplant, okra, cucumbers. Imagine if we gutted steers, took out their babies, ate them, and then left the steers to continue growing?

So the next time a vegetarian denounces you as a meat eater, point a finger at them and snarl:


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