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Volume II, Issue 4
July 20 - July 27, 1998  
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El Imagen Vive [2]
Rogelio Agrasanchez Jr. and Charles Ramirez Berg's new book documents the lush imagery and rich history of poster art from the golden age of Mexican cinema.
Looking for Newt [3]
Can you fake being a Newt Gingrich fan?
— Jacqueline Marino, MEMPHIS FLYER
Media Mix [4]
Oh, Leonardo! King of the World or publicity sucking egomaniac.

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Empty Harvest [5]
In "A Small Dark Place," cartoonist/screenwriter Martin Schenk digs deep for chills -- but he's still no Stephen King.
— Ted Drozdowski, THE BOSTON PHOENIX
Plain Speaking [6]
Dealing with horses and whores, conflict and tragedy, Cormac McCarthy's "Cities of the Plain" is the long-awaited conclusion to his "Border Trilogy."
— Jim Carvalho, TUCSON WEEKLY
Oil Pressure [7]
Rick Bass' "Where the Sea Used to Be".

Mini Reviews
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Speed Reader [11]
"Meditations From a Movable Chair" by Andre Dubus; "Prospero's Mirror" by Ivan Stavans; "Searching for Robert Johnson" by Peter Garulnick; "Real Power" by James A. Autry and Stephen Mitchell.
What Have They Done To My Book? [12]
The business behind literary encores, plus reissue reviews: Norman Mailer's The Executioner's Song, Ralph Ellison's Flying Home, Elias Canetti's Auto-da-Fé, and Wlker Percy's The Moviegoer.



his week, the Books section heads out in a number of interesting directions. First up is a fascinating feature on "Carteles de la epoca de oro del cine mexicano/Poster Art From the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema" by Charles Ramirez Berg and Rogelio Agrasanchez Jr. Austin Chronicle's Charles Naful writes an in-depth examination of the book itself and the research that went into it. Berg and Agrasanchez, it seems, have done an astonishing job at presenting this poster art as not only representative of the nation's film history, but also as a structured visual picture of Mexico itself during this time (1936-1956).

In the fiction area, well-known northwestern author Rich Bass is back again with his first novel, "Where The Sea Used To Be." Weekly Alibi's Dan Oko reviews it and returns a mixed verdict.

In our Non-Fiction section, Leigh Rich reviews "Just Checking: Scenes from the Life of an Obsessive-Compulsive" by Emily Colas. Colas' book documents her life with this life crippling disorder but how successful is she at making us empathize with her? Read the review and find out.

That's just a sampling....

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Splicing Genetic Information [8]
Jeremy Rifkin latest polemic, "The Biotech Century: Harnessing the Gene and Remaking the World" reads more like a stack of debater's three-by-five cards than a coherent narrative.
— Gregory McNamee, TUCSON WEEKLY
Everything but [9]
"Out of Sheer Rage: Wrestling with D.H. Lawrence" is Geoff Dyer's "8-1/2."
— Charles Taylor, THE BOSTON PHOENIX
Compelling Confessions [10]
In "Just Checking: Scenes from the Life of an Obsessive-Compulsive," author Emily Colas touches upon her years of self-imposed imprisonment.

Now What? [13]
Love to read? Need some clever ideas? Our library of resources and staff picks are guaranteed to turn on plenty of mental light bulbs via your electrified eye sockets.

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