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JULY 20, 1998: 

It's the past! It's the future! It's Sliding Doors without the breeziness! Canadian director Thom Fitzgerald brings us snippets from a life, which may or may not have ended in a suicide. William (Chris Leavins) returns to Nova Scotia for the wedding of his potty-mouthed sister (Kerry Fox) and rediscovers the misery that haunted him and may or may not have caused him to take his own life as an overweight, sexually-confused teen. Fitzgerald examines both possibilities in this tale of family dysfunction.
Prediction: Critics have been highly divided about Hanging Garden. Some think the whole disturbed time thing works to cut through some of the stultifying family drama. Some think the whole dysfunctional thing is way too overdone and needs to be given a three-year moratorium. Personally, I think we should support any movie that manages to get made in Canada.
Probable Entertainment Value: B

It's Robin Hood with a sword. What more is there to know?
Prediction: Antonio Banderas can buckle my swash any day, but that does not mean Mask of Zorro is the blockbuster this summer is screaming for.
Probable Entertainment Value: C

It's Breaking the Waves meets The Pillow Book meets Looking for Mr. Goodbar. In order to fill the void left by her mother's death, Iris (Samantha Morton) scoots her booty through the streets of Liverpool and has a series of increasingly degrading affairs. Her sister Rose (Claire Rushbrook) tries to stop her and get her to face her emotions.
Prediction: Critics have been praising first-time director Carine Adler's camera work and script for its dream-like imagery and tone. The story has been called magnetic and powerful. And, since all of these critics were smart enough to call The Postman the stinker it is, they're probably trustworthy.
Probable Entertainment Value: A

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