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JULY 19, 1999: 

ARLINGTON ROAD. This is exactly the kind of movie that New York Times critic Janet Maslin (who is probably America's worst movie critic) loves: it has an unchallenging and unoriginal plot that can easily be compared to some pre-existing format ("A Hitchcockian thriller!" "A Parallax View for the '90s!") and features a mediocre, older male actor in romantic scenes with a much younger actress (Maslin loves anything with Sean Connery or Clint Eastwood rubbing their flabby man-flesh against women who are too young to be their granddaughters). Arlington Road is ostensibly about the new wave of American terrorists, but it's less a political thriller than an action film. The ending is pretty good, but as it came after 90 minutes of cinema that sucked hard enough to draw a piano through a straw, it hardly seemed worth the wait. -- James DiGiovanna

LAKE PLACID. Big alligator eats people in lake in Maine. Do you think the snooty, New York scientist will fall in love with the rustic, New England forest ranger? Do you think they'll be able to capture the alligator before it kills again, or is killed by the heartless Feds? Do you think there are any ideas left in Hollywood? I know--let's combine Jaws, Born Free, Scream, and The African Queen and make a thrilling, animal-rights horror movie about how opposites attract. Yes, do that. -- James DiGiovanna

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