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By Devin D. O'Leary

July 14, 1997: 

Dateline: India--According to a recent report by the Press Trust of India, the state-run Oriental Insurance Company, along with the All Kerala Elephant Owners Association, will start offering group insurance for elephants. Premiums will be a mere three rupees per 1,000 rupees of coverage. Benefits for the elephants--which are used extensively for logging in Kerala state's tropical rainforests--include 25,000 rupees for cremation expenses and 2,500 rupees for administering tranquilizers, should the animals go on a rampage. Five elephants were immediately signed up.

Dateline: Colorado--The Rocky Mountain News reported last week that when Boulder police investigating his daughter's murder first asked for a handwriting sample from his wife, John Ramsey turned over a yellow legal pad. The pad turned out to be the same pad used to write the fake ransom note in the JonBenet Ramsey killing. The pad also contained a practice version of the ransom note. Police still have no suspects in the Dec. 26 murder. ... Yup, it's a complete mystery to me too, guys.

Dateline: California--A golden retriever named Arrow survived more than a month on a remote beach after his owner was killed in a car accident. Arrow's owner, Louis Cyon, and a passenger were killed instantly when the car in which they were riding plunged 300 feet off a cliff near Big Sur. Chili, another of Cyon's dogs, was rescued on May 24 by a tow truck driver who scaled down the cliff to bring up the car's wreckage. At the time, no one saw Arrow. A thin, but healthy Arrow was eventually spotted by tourists who lured him up the cliffside with a ham-and-cheese sandwich.

Dateline: California--Glynn Wolfe, 88, died recently. Wolfe held the record as the "Most Married Man in the World." At the time of his death, Wolfe was married to his 29th wife. She just happened to be the world's record holder as the "Most Married Woman." Wolfe was her 23rd husband. The two were wed earlier this year in a supermarket tabloid stunt. Wolfe is survived by his 19 children.

Dateline: Tennessee--A 39-year-old Nashville resident has been charged with the murder of two Baskin-Robbins workers. That's in addition to his other charges: the killing of two Captain D's employees and the deaths of three McDonald's workers. I'm guessing he didn't want fries with that.

Dateline: Oklahoma--Oklahoma City Police, acting in what the ACLU called an "unhealthy relationship" with anti-pornography group Oklahomans for Children and Families, seized copies of the 1979 Oscar-winning film The Tin Drum from area video stores. Police then proceeded to raid homes of renters, interrupt their viewing and confiscate more tapes. One such victim was the local ACLU director, who was reviewing the video at home prior to legal action.

--Compiled by Devin D. O'Leary

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