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By R.U. Steinberg

JULY 13, 1998: 

The three-toed ground sloth only gets down from its tree about once a week (to take a dump).

According to http://www.dreamloverinc.com, dreaming about a donkey may symbolize several things. It may represent humility, honor, and "royalty" in disguise. On the opposite end, it may represent stubbornness. Also, it may represent a person who carries a "heavy load."

Most Americans' car horns beep in the key of F.

Smallpox brought by conquering Spanish troops reduced the Mexican indigenous population from 10 million to one million from 1521 to 1621.

"Shut pan!" was an early Americanism for "Stop talking."

The above is information which Mr. Smarty Pants read in a book, a magazine, or the newspaper; heard on the radio; saw on television; or overheard at a party. Got any facts? Write to Mr. Smarty Pants by e-mail at mrpants@auschron.com

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