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Movie Guru
The Movie Guru finds himself Wooed by Face/Off. [2]
Coury Turczyn

A Face in the Crowd
Face/Off kicks summer-movie ass; Batman and Robin is largely a bat-astrophe; Female Perversions has strong performances and weak rhetoric. [3]
Jim Ridley, Noel Murray, and Donna Bowman

Film Reviews
Comprehensive reviews of current films. [4]

Latex & Lace
Film review of Batman & Robin. [5]
Devin D. O'Leary

Hero Worship
Review of Walt Disney's animated feature Hercules. [6]
Angie Drobnic

Toon Tirade
Besides being a large media conglomerate, Disney has trashed a basic myth of our civilization--may the Southern Baptists succeed in their boycott. [7]
Jeff Smith

A Slight Buzz
Peter Fonda is really starting to look like his dad in "Ulee's Gold." [8]
Stacey Richter

Film Clips
Check out Tucson Weekly's capsule reviews packed with links to the hottest movie home pages on the Web. [9]

Thin Line
Media criticism. [10]
Christopher Johnson

TV Eye
Racial tension finds a safety valve on television. [11]
Christopher Gray

Videos a Go-Go
Every week, we dish up a film genre to enhance your rent 'n' view pleasure. [12]
Jesse Fox Mayshark

Reviews of Mars Attacks and Maniac.
Reviews of Mars Attacks and Maniac. [13]
Scott Phillips

Reviews of Freeway; Toto the Hero; and the John Hughes trilogy, Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, and Ferris Bueller's Day Off (all video). [14]

Now What?
A Web link page chock full of resources, recommendations, and staff picks pertaining to the subject of this section. [15]

July 8 - July 14, 1997

Y ou can learn a lot from reading multiple reviews of the same movie. Rarely can one reviewer capture the full essence of a film (though Pauline Kael came darned close), but two or three reviews can be an extremely accurate cinematic barometer. Case in point: Of all the big-budget action movies this summer, only Face/Off, by former Honk Kong filmmaker John Woo, has received nearly unanimous praise. How did it manage that? Click here, here or here to find out.

Even more interesting are films for which opinions differ. Because Batman & Robin has been so widely panned (this review is a prime example), I was pleasantly surprised to find an author who says he enjoyed the film for its stars and eye candy. Maybe it's not so horrible after all.

I'm particularly fascinated by the debate over whether Disney's cutesified versions of timeless stories should be condemned as bastardizations or embraced as harmless fun. One of our reviews loves the new Disney movie Hercules, but columnist Jeff Smith found it so offensive he decided Southern Baptists are his friends. (See last week's issue for even more Herculean squabbling.)

Also this week: Were the documentarians depicted in Wild America full of animal droppings? Can TV programs ease racial tension? What are the hottest recent video releases? And don't forget our additional movie reviews, which include:

Talk Back
If you're one of the few who didn't think Volcano blew, The Lost World bit, or The Fifth Element was one element too many, here's the forum to defend your opinion--crazy though it may be.

From The Vaults

The Film Vault Curious about a particular director's work? Not sure what to rent at the video store? Enjoy reading several contrasting opinions of the same film? This is the place for you. Hundreds of reviews lie at your fingertips, sortable by genre, date or director.

Peak Performance
A fine foreign film, 'Prisoner of the Mountain', makes a second Tucson appearance. [06-20-97]
Stacey Richter

This Gun for Hire
A review of Jean-Pierre Melville's "Le Samourai," an influential 1967 gangster flick. [06-13-97]
Jim Ridley and Noel Murray

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