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July 8 - July 14, 1997

A Tribute To Alan Harrington
During the founding of the Beat Generation, few nationally known writers had as many local admirers as the late author of "The Immortalist" and "The Revelations of Dr. Modesto." [2]
His Friends

Katherine Graham
"Personal History" is a memoir of a remarkable woman who assumed control of The Washington Post at a crossroads in our nation's history. [3]
Barbara Strickland

Brilliance and Bullshit
Robert Hughes' American Visions. [4]
Blake de Pastino

Speed Reader
Poems Along the Path, Italy in Mind, Modernity and the Architecture of Mexico, and The Art of the Impossible. [5]
Jessica English, Julie Birnbaum, Blake de Pastino and Angie Drobnic

Reviewed: Political satire on the road in "Trail Fever" by Michael Lewis; Rykodisc's "Kerouac: kicks joy darkness" [6]

Time to Look Again
An interview with James Peebles, African-American publisher; a review of Keith Richburg's "Out of America". [7]
Marc Stengel and Elaine Phillips

Now What?
A Web link page chock full of resources, recommendations, and staff picks pertaining to the subject of this section. [8]

Talk Back
Our online BBS is just like the Algonquin Round Table, only electronic, sober, and without all the famous people.


irst, a word about us. He was for me larger than life. The head. The breath. The core--and the worm. The hardest thing I ever did was leave. I loved him then. I love him still." That's a quote from Peggy Harrington, whose former husband Alan Harrington recently passed away at the age of 79. Alan's life and writings, especially the book The Immortalist, left an imprint on generations of thinkers, including futurists, Edward Abbey and Beat authors like Jack Kerouac. A feature story this week gives several of his friends and associates the chance to pay him tribute. Even though I call myself Worm and pretend to eat literature rather than read it, this article is too serious and heartfelt to mess around with. Peggy's quote about the worm...that got to me. She has a lot more to say, so make sure to read the story.

Another article focuses on the memoirs of Katherine Graham, a historically influential figure who was the first female publisher of The Washington Post and controlled a large Fortune 500 company. Additional reviews delve into works by Robert Hughes, Judith Rafaela, Alice Leccese Powers, Edward R. Burian, ed., Vaclav Havel, Michael Lewis, and a CD of Kerouac readings.

I'll just be wriggling back into the core now...

From The Vaults

Hear Them Roar
Women essayists cover the gamut from penises to homemade candy in this this entertaining new anthology. [06-20-97]
Edith Sorenson

Daddy Dearest
Two daughters look at their less-than-stellar fathers in these recent books. [06-13-97]
Margaret Regan

Speed Reader
What to read... and not. [06-20-97]
Blake de Pastino, Angie Drobnic, Jessica English

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