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July 8 - July 14, 1997

We call this section "Arts & Leisure," which usually means art exhibits, theatre, and whatever other cultural forms live apart from film, music and books. But there's one "cultural form" we rarely cover: sports. Not only does sports combine with arts about as well as dill pickles and espresso, but I'm personally an anti-sports snob and I make no apologies for it. "Sports, schmorts," I'll say, "There's no room for sports in my section of Weekly Wire."

Until now. Last week something wonderful happened that confirmed my snooty cultural bias. Out of his sheer love for art, a certain chap took it upon himself to turn another chap -- with whom he was locked in passionate embrace -- into his own personal Van Gogh. You should have heard the Expressionism that resulted.

Yes, I'm talking about Mike Tyson. His toothy antics have inspired some of the best sports columns I've ever read, by writers clamoring to weigh in (pun intended) on the matter. They'll either explode with outrage, as with this gentleman, or strike a smugly witty "What did you expect from boxing?" pose, as did this chap and this fellow. The results qualify as their own form of art.

If you couldn't care less, we've got an interview with comedian Chris Rock, a story about the photography of Ansel Adams and Eliot Porter, and surveys of the vibrant art scenes in Tucson, Arizona and Austin, Texas. I promise an even more artful Arts section next week.

Talk Back
Tell us your favorite medium, and we don't mean that in the Shirley MacLaine sense of the word.

News In The Art World

Rock Solid
New Orleans entertainment and lifestyle column. [2]
Rich Collins

Reality Bites
The only thing hard to believe about the Mike Tyson debacle is that people find it hard to believe. [3]
Randy Horick

Bite Me
Further evidence that boxing is a sleazy activity. [4]
Tom Danehy

Coach's Corner
Mike Tyson's ear-biting should be the final bell for him. [5]
Andy "Coach" Cotton

New Mexico, World-Class
Ansel Adams and Eliot Porter at the University of New Mexico Art Museum. [6]
Jeffrey Lee

Birthday Bash
Millennium Theatre attempts a revival of "Boys in the Band." [7]
Margaret Regan

Group Think
With three invitational art exhibitions in town right now, we speculate on who got into what and why. [8]
Margaret Regan

Art's New Address
Uptown has developed as Austin's newest arts district. [9]
Rebecca S. Cohen

Reviews of "Tres Proyectos Latinos & Young Latino Artists" at the Austin Museum of Art at Laguna Gloria and Mexic-Arte Museum; and Into the Woods at McCullough Theatre on the UT campus. [10]

Now What?
A Web link page chock full of resources, recommendations, and staff picks pertaining to the subject of this section. [11]

From The Vaults

Discovering Common Ground
Three Painters Explore N.M. [06-20-97]
Jeffrey Lee

Media Mix
From Salon de RefusÚs to Salon de CÚlebration...And more! [06-13-97]

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