Cocktail Culture
Girlie Drinks for the more "feminine" ladies out there...and for the occasional man who's secure enough in his sexuality to order a giant pink drink with an umbrella in it.

Does Cheerleading Kill Brain Cells?
Why do so many parents push their kids into a sport that includes hairbows as part of the official uniform? In this article a generation trains for a 'sport' that's expensive, dangerous and a dead-end waste of time.

The Canadian Menace!
Look at a map. Are you not outraged by the icy finger of Canada that plunges dangerously deep into the Great Lakes region? Is there any reason why Detroit should be across the river from a foreign country?

Reading, Writing, Rights
What are we teaching our children about actively participating in society if we're not teaching them their rights? The ACLU warns about students' diminishing rights.

Widow's Walk
Anytime John Irving publishes, it's news. This week's the Boston Phoenix's Nicholas Patterson talks to Irving about his new one, "A Widow For One Year".