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Nashville Scene Ready to Roll

By Jim Ridley

Here's a partial list of Nashville directors, screenwriters, and producers who are developing or planning features, scripts, or short films:

  • Milton Bagby, who wrote and directed a feature called Rebel Love in 1984, is developing a series of dramas set during the Civil War.

  • Marvin Baker/Ann Gillis, the makers of A Letter From Death Row, are working on at least two new projects.

  • Ken Carpenter, the Pecos Films director whose The Word Made Flesh drew good notices, is developing a coming-of-age story called Deep Freeze Jesus.

  • Stuart Cave is currently seeking funds to finish his mystery, Pleasantville, which is about three-fourths complete.

  • John Cherry, who made the successful Ernest series, has a three-picture deal with Monarch Home Video, the Ingram Entertainment subsidiary that has released a number of low-budget straight-to-video/limited-release features.

  • Armanda Costanza's next two projects are a docudrama, K-25: The Ann Orick Story, and a comedy, Risin' to the Top. She also has a script in development.

    This business'll kill ya A potential murder victim will soon be dead in the water in Armanda Costanza's Blood, Friends & Money.

  • Bob Giordano is developing a crime thriller, Dry Bones.

  • Steven Goldmann and his partners in The Collective have at least three projects in development.

  • Pamela Hamilton is developing a documentary, The Moray Wheels.

  • Harmony Korine, who wrote Kids, now works out of New York. He shot Gummo, his first feature as director, in Nashville last year. Fine Line Features is scheduled to release it in October.

  • Drew Langer, a Belmont University student, is finishing a romantic comedy-drama called Solitaire.

  • Kate Lanier, a Nashville screenwriter, is developing a futuristic motorcycle thriller, Mach F-3.

  • Peter Lippman, a Watkins instructor, is completing All the King's Men, a documentary on Elvis Presley's Blue Moon Boys.

  • Syd Lovelace, a local playwright, has 13 minutes of edited footage for his black comedy Out of the Square.

  • Katya Maslova, a directing student at Watkins, is filming a short drama with the working title Sisters.

  • Tyrone McClain, who makes rap and gospel videos, is producing Armanda Costanza's comedy, Risin' to the Top.

  • Peter Neff, formerly a film reviewer for WPLN-FM, is shooting Dear Mr. Goodlife.

  • Tom Neff is developing a documentary with author E. Thomas Wood about Jan Karski, who fought to make the world aware of the Holocaust early in World War II.

  • Thom Oliphant has one unreleased feature, Dear Darwin, to his credit; his next project is his own script, House of Spooks.

  • Avian Rogers is developing a feature, Hothouse.

  • Coke Sams is soon expected to begin shooting on Existo, a political satire starring and cowritten by Bruce Arntson.

  • Andy van Roon's company, International Cinema Partners, is packaging an anthology series with short subjects by Nashville filmmakers, including Jonathan Shockley and Brent Stewart.

  • David Wall, the writer-director of Joe and Joe, will next shoot a ghost story, The Mirror.

  • Jacob Young has just started a new documentary series. His alarming Hare Krishna documentary, Holy Cow, Swami!, awaits distribution. --J.R.

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