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JUNE 26, 2000: 

BIG MOMMA'S HOUSE. Martin Lawrence plays a svelte, young, Los Angelino FBI agent who likes to pretend he is actually an elderly, obese woman from South Carolina. Nia Long plays a bank robbery suspect who is on her way to visit her elderly, obese, South Carolinan grandmother, whom she hasn't seen for years. It's a cross-dressing match made in heaven as Lawrence and Long enact a strange love on the boundary line between sexualities. Don't go if you're looking for yucks; it seems that Lawrence has well understood that gender confusion is no laughing matter. --James DiGiovanna

CHICKEN RUN. Peter Lord and Nick Park, the British animation team behind the Wallace and Gromit adventures, turn their attention to the lowly chicken in this tale of one hen's fight to lead her flock out of slavery and on to uncertain freedom. It's a wonderful feat of clay for adult audiences, for whom the wordplay and subtext about commercial greed and social justice (set in 1950s York) are as much fun to watch as the engineering and antics of the anthropomorphized animals themselves. Be advised, however, that at least one chicken was harmed about 20 minutes into the making of this movie, a fact that did not win over the under-8 crowd at a recent test screening. Like their plucky onscreen heroine Ginger, these fair-minded viewers did not soon recover from the cruel fate visited on the eggless Edwina. The wails of protest suggest a new generation of vegans may have been born. Not even the voice of Mel Gibson, as fugitive Yank yardbird Rocky, could persuade them that justice would ultimately be served, as it is, sans white meat. --Mari Wadsworth

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 2. It's cuteness and more cuteness and Jesus Cute Incarnate as the incredibly photogenic Tom Cruise and the photogenically incredible Thandie Newton team up to stop some not-as-cute people from destroying the world. Well, from destroying Australia, which is really not quite so bad, and might even be welcomed by some, but is still the kind of thing that the forces of goodness and cuteness must act to stop. The perfect movie for people who like watching other people who are pretty, and who also like to look at things, at least when those things are exploding. --James DiGiovanna

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