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Volume II, Issue 51
June 14 - June 21, 1999  

F rom the Austin Chronicle this week comes a selection of culinary tomes covering such diverse topics as wine, the sweet life in Italy, Sicilian recipes, the American appetite, and the fish that changed the world, the cod.

You won't find many people willing to argue that classic video games are better than the latest ones. Modern games offer sleekly cinematic graphics, exquisite control, and the freedom to conjure up entire worlds. But the old games refuse to die.

Keiko Yoshimine enters her junior year this fall, trying to make the Northern Arizona University Lady Lumberjacks as a walk-on. The odds are against her, but this is only basketball. You want long odds, try 5-foot-10 female Japanese-American Mormon.

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A Pinch of History, A Dash of Memoir [2]
Reviews of current culinary nonfiction, including books about wine, cod, American food habits, food in Sicilian-American Brooklyn, and Frances Mayes' latest account of her experiences in Tuscany.
Playing on the Past [3]
The history and the unexpected future of classic video games.
Hoop Dreams [4]
Meet a 5-foot-10, Japanese-American Mormon who just wants to play ball.

Now What? [5]
A gallery of captivating links to keep your imagination churning while the paint dries.

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