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W hat you can't see can hurt you, and that's why Invisibility is the theme of this week's News & Opinion section. Our first feature story, Up From Oppression, provides touching first-person testimonials by mid-century university students who frequently endured racism from teachers, students and advisers. Meanwhile, their non-minority peers remained oblivious. Nearly 50 years later, their stories reveal important truths about the insidious prevalence of discrimination.

W e all take it for granted, and it never stays in sight long after it's used. That's why so many people continue to squander our most precious resource: water. The author of Wasting Away interrogates several overindulgent drips about their excessive H2O use, and discovers that where water conservation is concerned, our society is all wet.

I n other (invisible) news: Is that a zucchini in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me? Are breast implants really harmful? And what's Moses doing with a shotgun? Find out in our Thin Line and Odds & Ends departments.

June 6 - June 12, 1997

Up From Oppression
What was it like to be a minority student at the University of Arizona back in the days when racism was even more virulent than it is today? Excerpts from an inspiring new book on the subject. [2]
Jay M. Rochlin

Wasting Away
What Blake de Pastino learned from Albuquerque's top water wasters. [3]
Blake de Pastino

Trim Your Waste
Tips for saving water and money. [4]

Homeless Help?
Can yet another attempt to develop a cooperative solution on where and how to feed Tucson's homeless population really succeed? Naaaah. [5]
Dave Devine

Captain Opinion
Tobacco should be treated no differently than any other product. [6]
Cap'n O

Odds & Ends
Around the news in seven days. [7]
Devin D. O'Leary

Thin Line
Media criticism. [8]
Christopher Johnson

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