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June 6 - June 12, 1997


Rocking God's House
As Christian alternative-rock bands gain popularity, people both inside and outside the gospel industry wonder whether the music is becoming too secular. [2]
Michael McCall

No Doubt: Intimate & Interactive
Music Stars Go Digital. [3]
Devin D. O'Leary

Back In Blues
Tucson's favorite singer/songwriter beats brain cancer and returns to the stage. [4]
Jonathan Holden

Bold Fusion
Pianist Steve Barta Blends Classical and Jazz. [5]
Michael Henningsen

Personal Language
Distinctive new pop releases by Lamb and Lori Carson. [6]
Michael McCall

Rhythm & Views
Radar Bros., Dropouts, The Offspring. [7]

Destinations Unknown
The Latest sounds from Trans Am, The Sea and Cake, and Ben Folds Five. [8]
Noel Murray

Tiny Tunes
Poster Children and Anchorman. [9]
Michael Henningsen

C hristian rock? The two words sound as unlikely as Buddhist mambo, Prozac blues or Luddite techno. Yet full arkloads of Christians are out there, screeching away lyrics about the Lord while guitar feedback cleaves the air like Moses parting the Red Sea. How do these rockers reconcile their strutting style with their Messianic message? And what do the "nicer" Christian songsters think? A feature story shows that the Christian music industry still hasn't figured out how to handle touchy secular genres without a hell of a lot of internal conflict.

Speaking of secular music, this article recounts how No Doubt recently gave the first "interactive concert" when one of their performances was transmitted live to several countries and followed by an America Online question-and-answer session. Personally, that doesn't sound nearly as fun as huddling with a sweaty mass of people who are holding up lighters and yelling "woo!" But it's the wave of the future, so get used to it. One question remains: how do you hold up your lighter in cyberspace?

One artist guaranteed to stay out of cyberspace, at least for the time being, is Rainer. This well-loved, thoroughly bluesy Tucson guitarist recently conquered brain cancer and has a tribute album out in July. An interview tells all. Also of note is this story about Steve Barta, a pianist known for his creative, Brazilian-flavored fusions of classical and jazz.

Reviews galore this week: Lori Carson, Lamb, Trans Am, The Sea and Cake, Ben Folds Five, Poster Children, Anchorman, Radar Bros., Doupouts, and The Offspring.

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