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June 6 - June 12, 1997

While pondering the age-old question, "What good is art?", I came across a review of two photo exhibits that, in their diametrical approaches, gave me cause to reflect upon the variety of purposes one can select for a single media. Do we use our art to say something socially relevant, or do we let its aesthetic properties speak for themselves? The social realists and impressionists of the 19th century fought over such questions, and the debate is no less germane today. Only the media is different. In our featured article this week, read how two different photographers - one doing photojournalism and one doing pinhole photography in the fields of France - found two powerful yet polarly opposite uses for the tools of their trade.

News In The Art World

Worlds Apart
Two new photographic exhibits reveal the malleability of the medium. [2]
Margaret Regan

Machine Dreams
Artists Explore Our Love-Hate For All Things Mechanical. [3]
Jeffrey Lee

A Real Trouper
Southern Arizona Dance Theater calls on the talents of a master. [4]
Margaret Regan

Good Sports
The Senior Olympics turn silver into gold. [5]
Tom Danehy

Cookie Monster
There's more to cooking than just following a recipe. [6]
Margaret Renkl

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