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Hold on a minute while we change reels... Wait a minute, you mean it's over? Where's the climax? Where's the thematic resolution? Where's the denouement? We're sorry, but the studios hated the rushes and pulled the plug on our budget. You can, however, continue reading about film-related topics by following many of the links provided on this page.

Weekly Wire Tangents
Film Vaults We're very proud of our Film Vault, which allows for cross-referencing by director, genre, publication or date. Equally cool are the fun-yet-informative user-voting features, and the intelligent links to related films at the bottom of each article. Film lovers have been known to spend hours browsing their way through the multitudes of high-quality reviews, interviews, and other good stuff in the Film Vault. Some never come out. Ooh, scary.

Film Times

Talk Back
Don't be a silent couch potato, let's hear what you think about all the movies, TV and other media in which you've been so gluttonously indulging. (That last part is not an insult - we do it too.) Whether you want to recommend a little-known video, weigh in on the latest "event movie," or argue the merits of auteur theory, our BBS forum welcomes you with open tripod arms.

Staff Choices
We couch potatoes have been surfing (not an easy task on a couch) the web to come up with this list of excellent film-related Internet links.

  • Joe Bob Briggs - The best drive-in movie columnist of all time recommends top-notch trash. SCREEN IT! - A great guide for parents who are worried about inadvertently subjecting their kids to questionable material in films. Girls on Film - Sharp, sassy perspectives on film from an all-women staff. Film Threat - The seminal underground film magazine. Dr. Daniel's Movie Emergency - A "healthy" approach to reading about film. Siskel & Ebert - Find out which way those dweebs pointed their thumbs. (ZW)

  • Movie Cliches (AB)

  • Internet Movie Database - A must see, must use site! Drews Script O Rama - Movie transcripts, treatments, and more Star Trek Web Site - Very cool and done by the good guys at Spew (WG)

  • Star Wars - Do I need a reason to include this. the best resource for following the continuing saga First-TV - A cool possible look at the future of Web/TV interactivity Sci Fi - For followers of all things geeky and science fictionish (DF)

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