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By Devin D. O'Leary

MAY 26, 1998:  REEL WORLD--Gene Siskel (the skinny one) is recovering in a New York City hospital following a "brain operation." Doctors apparently removed some kind of growth from the skull of the balding film critic. Gee, that explains a few things, doesn't it? Now if they could only figure out what's wrong with Roger Ebert. ... Arnold Schwarzenegger is in negotiations with Miramax's genre division Dimension Films to star in a sequel to his 1990 sci-fi hit Total Recall. Miramax purchased the rights to the film from bankrupt Carolco's fire sale last year for just over $3 million. Miramax has already brought in Screenwriters Ron Shusett and Gary Goldman (who shared co-writing credit on the original film) to come up with an idea for the sequel. If the film gets made, it will undoubtedly be Dimension Films' most expensive project ever. Until now, Dimension's most expensive film was last year's bug movie Mimic, which cost some $28 million. Considering Schwarzenegger's asking price is $20 million a film, we can expect Total Recall 2's budget to hit the stratosphere in due time. ... And finally comes word of an Israeli company that has invented what could be the greatest tool known to modern man. The C-Guard 100 Cellular FireWall is a small, wall-mounted unit that sends out an overriding signal, disabling all cellphones within a specific area (i.e. churches, hospitals, movie theaters). I want one of these things in every cinema in America! Check out their Web page (www.netline.co.il/cellular/default.htm) for more info.

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