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MAY 17, 1999: 

ENTRAPMENT. A rather lifeless crime spree, weighed down by mediocre plotting and a plodding script. Sean Connery stars as an aging art thief out for one last heist. Catherine Zeta-Jones emphasizes her assets as a young criminal hoping to get a good start by falling in love with Connery and stealing $8 billion. Lots of prancing about in tight clothing, James Bond-type gadgetry and unlikely sexual tension shove the story forward, though you'll probably get a better crime drama by staying home and watching Rockford Files reruns. --DiGiovanna

PUSHING TIN. John Cusack plays a hotshot air-traffic controller whose suburban life couldn't be more blah. You know: tons of friends, quiet children, solid sex life (with Queen Elizabeth!), and a regular table at The Quaintest Italian Restaurant in the World. But when Billy Bob Thornton arrives on the scene as a rugged Southwestern controller who uses the Force and is always accompanied by his own twangy sound, Cusack feels threatened, because he does not have a twangy sound. Plus Billy Bob really has the stuff, which includes not only wife Angelina Jolie (who wears a big neon sign over her head that flashes "Hot, Pouty Sex"), but also the Infinite Mystery of Manhood as only a guy named Billy Bob can personify. Cusack becomes so obsessed, you half-expect him to grow a mustache and buy a leather cap. Instead, Pushing Tin veers into realms of infidelity, guilt, jealousy, demoralization, and somehow arrives back where it started, in the world of air-traffic controllers. It only makes sense in an air-headed sitcom way, but it remains watchable thanks to the four main actors. They're so appealing they could throw hamsters at a wall for two hours and you'd still stay for the credits. --Woodruff

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