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Attack of the Megaplexes [2]
The megaplex theater is coming -- and it's eating everything in its path.

Feminist Fatale [3]
"Bitch" author Elizabeth Wurtzel explains what she lost and found at the movies.

Cowboys and Controversy [4]
An interview with "American Cowboy" filmmaker Kyle Henry.

Full Reviews
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The Big Hit [5]
Tracing the meteoric rise of the killer meteor movie.

A Novel Approach [6]
"Les Miserables" does justice to Victor Hugo.
— Devin D. O'Leary,  WEEKLY ALIBI

Fugitive Plot [7]
"The Spanish Prisoner," the latest film written and directed by David Mamet, puts his idiosyncratic style to good use.
— Stacey Richter,  TUCSON WEEKLY

Defiantly Bent [8]
Sean Mathias' screen adaptation of "Bent" reaffirms the power of love, even in the bleakest of times.

What If? [9]
The Movie Guru gets dizzy watching "Sliding Doors."
— Adrienne Martini,  METRO PULSE

Turning Points [10]
Spike Lee takes on basketball in "He Got Game."
— Susan Ellis,  MEMPHIS FLYER

Throwing Bricks [11]
Spike Lee gets lame in "He Got Game"; David Mamet hoodwinks the audience in "The Spanish Prisoner"; "Black Dog" keeps on truckin'.
— Ron Wynn, Jim Ridley, and Donna Bowman,  NASHVILLE SCENE

Growing Up [12]
"The Object of My Affection" earns more affection than expected; there's not much to watch in "Nightwatch"; "Two Girls and a Guy" strains credibility beyond recovery.
— Rick Barton,  GAMBIT WEEKLY

Film Tip of the Week [13]
This week's must-see film: "Junk Mail."

Behind the Scenes
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Reel World [14]
Rolling our eyes at Stanley Kubrick's perfectionism.
— Devin D. O'Leary,  WEEKLY ALIBI

Video + TV
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Videos a Go-Go [19]
Movies we've been just dying, dying, to see.
— Jesse Fox Mayshark,  METRO PULSE

"Death Rage" and "Invasion of the Flesh Hunters" [20]
Mind-bending video reviews from our psychotronic couch critic.
— Scott Phillips,  WEEKLY ALIBI

Scanlines [21]
Reviews of "In the Company of Men," "Charley Varrick" (video) and "Diablo" (Sony Playstation).

Nenette and Boni [22]
Rent this film: "Kiss or Kill."

Maddening [23]
"Masterpiece Theatre's" remake of Hardy's "Far from the Madding Crowd" is not match for John Schlesinger's 1967 original.
— Jeffrey Gantz,  THE BOSTON PHOENIX

May 11 - May 18, 1998

I don't know about your town, but in my town they're building these mega-multi-googolplex cinemas, which have like 25 screens. What's up with that? Not to be a complainer, but the multi-screen cinemas in my town have enough trouble handling simple matters like focusing the image as it is. Why exacerbate things?

On the plus side, it's possible that the surfeit of screens (and the resulting impersonal feel) will result in a better selection of flicks. Now that would be a trade-off I could live with. Read the latest Captain Opinion editorial (in News) for further views on this shift in consumer society.

But whatever. What about movies? Well, we've got a review of "Deep Impact" for starters. I caught this one the other day and left feeling both satisfied and disappointed. Satisfied because I got what I came for: a semi-plausible story, big effects, big destruction. Disappointed because it didn't leave me with much afterwards -- it's basically The End of the World Lite. Director Mimi Leder is off to as good a start as anyone weaned on TV directing could hope for, but I really hope she learns a few techniques besides "make the camera swirl around the room like on 'ER' because it worked the last time I did it" -- and pronto.

Other reviews take hard looks at Spike Lee's "He Got Game," David Mamet's "The Spanish Prisoner" and, going back a week or two, "Sliding Doors" and "The Object of My Affection." And for those of you who are already gagging on the spate of summer movies coming our way, we've even got a review of a Masterpiece Theatre production. Remember: When your local art house is bulldozed to make way for that 50-plex, and all you've got left is your TV that's permanently stuck on PBS, we'll still be there for you.

Mini Reviews
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Chicago NewcityNet [15]

  • Black Dog
  • Family Name
  • Little Men
  • TwentyFourSeven

Boston Phoenix [16]

  • My Best Girl
  • Funny Games
  • A Merry War
  • Deep Impact
  • Black Dog
  • Junk Mail

Austin Chronicle [17]

  • TwentyFourSeven
  • Black Dog
  • Deep Impact
  • Deep In The Heart (Of Texas)

Tucson Weekly [18]

  • The Big Hit
  • The Butcher Boy
  • Nil by Mouth
  • Sliding Doors
  • The Winter Guest

Now What? [24]
What's the matter, couldn't find a review of that blockbuster film you're excited about? We certainly don't want to leave you disappointed -- why not try some of these larger-than-life movie links?

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