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May 11 - May 18, 1998

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The Old World [2]
Esther Freud's "Summer at Gaglow" owes more to Jane Austen than to great-grandfather Sigmund.

Up in the Air [3]
Delia Falconer's "The Service of Clouds" explains how ugly a beautiful dreamer can be.
— Alexander C. Kafka,  THE BOSTON PHOENIX

Good-Neighbor Policy [4]
Charles Turner's "Sometimes It Causes Me to Tremble" features trouble in the River City and its Christ-haunted landscape.
— Leonard Gill,  MEMPHIS FLYER

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Vamos al la Chngada [5]
Barry Gifford and David Perry's "Bordertown."
— Jessica English,  WEEKLY ALIBI

Literary Lineage [6]
"Mothers & Daughters: An Anthology," offers short stories by famous and obscure authors from all over the globe.
— Margaret Regan,  TUCSON WEEKLY

Parental Privilege [7]
"Generations of Women In Their Own Words" and "Expectations" are two of three new volumes from San Francisco's Chronicle Books that present a new twist on motherhood.
— Mari Wadsworth,  TUCSON WEEKLY

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Wright Stuff [8]
Poet Charles Wright remains the supreme architect of the line in contemporary poetry.
— David Penn,  TUCSON WEEKLY

Now What? [11]
Love to read? Need some clever ideas? Our library of resources and staff picks are guaranteed to turn on plenty of mental light bulbs via your electrified eye sockets.


hy? Why have they done this to me?! They've stolen all my articles!

First they made off with a very amusing article about Elizabeth Wurtzel's favorite movies . In case you don't know, she wrote the best-selling book "Prozac Nation," and her new work, "Bitch: In Praise of Difficult Women," has done well too. "Prozac Nation" will soon be a movie, so Wurtzel's talking up cinema -- but that doesn't give The Film Bum the right to steal from me! I wanted that article for the Books section!

Then that b--, um, I mean that Difficult Woman, Anne Caillebotte, comes over and "borrows" a review of a cookbook just because it pertains to all the vegetarian articles in the Arts section. Anne said she'd bring it back right away, but I haven't seen stalk nor leaf of it. Thanks, Anne! You'll be hearing from my lawyer.

At least I've got some good stuff left. Like reviews of new novels from Esther Freud and Delia Falconer, or a couple books that are (or were) appropriate for Mother's Day, or the latest work from a very fine poet. Not to mention reviews of an unusual multimedia book about bordertowns, and a biography of avant-gardist Marcel Duchamp.

Come to think of it, those last two would have made great Arts section articles. Take that, Anne! As for you, Mr. Film Bum, watch your back. I'll be throwing the book at you when you least expect it.

Mini Reviews
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Dude Descending a Staircase [9]
Reviews of "Duchamp: A Biography by Calvin Tomkins," "Trickster Makes This World" by Lewis Hyde, "March to Madness" by John Feinstein, and "Excession" by Iain M. Banks.

Speed Reader [10]
"The Battle of Glorietta Pass" by Thomas S. Edrington; "So Forth" by Joseph Brodsky; "Canyon Solitude" by Patricia McCairen; "A Patchwork Planet" by Anne Tyler.
— Stephen Ausherman, Julie Birnbaum, Isak Howell, Valerie Yarberry,  WEEKLY ALIBI

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