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May 11 - May 18, 1998

I don't know any vegetarians who have stayed that way for a prolonged period of time. They're always falling off the chuck wagon, brushing themselves off, then acting as though nothing had happened. One minute they're self-righteously quoting philosophers of Utilitarianism, the next minute their chins are dripping with barbeque sauce as they completely soil a bib while eating ribs.

Why does this happen? Simple. The inviting smell of charred beef, the mouth-watering delight of teriyaki chicken, the social fun of sushi sampling, and the satisfying heaviness of a hot dog in your gullet during a ball game -- these sorts of temptations are often too much for a vegetarian (or vegan) to resist.

That doesn't mean you can't at least be a part-time vegetarian. Why not strive for a healthier diet whether or not you can stick with it 100 percent of the time? The key is not to brag that you're a vegetarian, vegan, viagran, or what-have-youn. Don't reduce yourself to a political label. That way you won't have to endure sneers, jibes, or taunting offers of succulent shishkabobs. And when you do relapse and buy that hot, heavy-duty cheeseburger at the drive-through, you won't feel like such a hypocrite.

Reasons to be a part-time vegetarian:

  • Significantly reduce the chance of eventually becoming a heart-disease statistic.

  • Shed pounds faster than a cat sheds fur in hell.

  • Indirectly kill fewer cute animals.

  • Save money, feel better, get more vitamins.

Need some starter tips? Read some of this week's Vegetarianism articles. They'll tell you the exact meanings of the various labels, what sorts of food can be trouble even though they're not meat, a good book to eat, and a few yummy recipes to get you warmed up. Now the rest is up to you. Are you ready? Get set? Eat!

Now What? [15]
A gallery of captivating links to keep your imagination churning while the paint dries.

Veg Out
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Vegetarian, Vegan, None of the Above [2]
The whos and whys of alternative eating.
— Jessica English,  WEEKLY ALIBI

For the Health of It? [3]
The challange of eating healthy on a vegetarian diet.
— Angie Drobnic,  WEEKLY ALIBI

Vegetarian Recipes [4]
Taste-tempting treats without the meats.

French Bliss [5]
Cookbook review of Marlena Spieler's "The Vegitarian Bistro"
— Julie Birnbaum,  WEEKLY ALIBI

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The Thrill of the Hunt [6]
Can animial-rights activists spoil Decatur County, Tennessee's "World's Largest Coon Hunt"?
— Phil Campbell,  MEMPHIS FLYER

Alt.Sports [7]
Darts: pointy things with feathers.
— Noah Masterson,  WEEKLY ALIBI

Slangspeak on the WWW [8]
Surfing the Internet with a guy who talks in some funky lingo.
— Devin D. O'Leary,  WEEKLY ALIBI

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Points of Departure [9]
Viewpoints are helping Austin performance artists rebuild theatrical language.
— Danielle McClelland,  AUSTIN CHRONICLE

Nationalistic Nabobs [10]
A tale of love that unexpectedly erupts during war, G. B. Shaw's "Arms and the Man" has some naughty fun with nationalistic pieties.
— Margaret Regan,  TUCSON WEEKLY

Thrill of the Hunt [11]
"Vinegar Tom" knows which witch is which.

Repackaged Goods [12]
Something old, something new, something borrowed -- this sums up "Crazy for You" and "The Odd Couple."

In the Gallery
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Trippy Tapestries [13]
Weaver Ann Keuper has already demonstrated she can make a silk purse out of a pig's gut, and most of her new works incorporating non-porky materials are just as marvelous.
— Margaret Regan,  TUCSON WEEKLY

The Marriage of Art and Music [14]
"The Colors of Rhythm" can't be beat.
— D. Eric Bookhardt,  GAMBIT WEEKLY

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