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By Devin D. O'Leary

MAY 11, 1998:  When is a wrap not a wrap? When you're Stanley Kubrick. The perfection-crazed director, who recently ended an epic 15 months of shooting for his new film Eyes Wide Shut, decided last week that he still had work to do. This time around, Kubrick will be recasting a pivotal role. Jennifer Jason Leigh, currently filming David Cronenberg's new film eXistenZ in Canada, was unable to return to England for "pick-up shots," forcing Kubrick to entirely recast her role with Marie Richardson, one of Ingmar Bergman's leading actresses. Spokesmen have confirmed that Eyes Wide Shut stars Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman will be returning (reluctantly, I'm sure) to England to reshoot scenes with Richardson. With these new reshoots, it looks unlikely that the film will make its scheduled December release date (no doubt to the chagrin of Warner Brothers). ... Will Titanic: The Special Edition be sailing our way soon? According to the latest rumors (and they are only rumors at this point), the film will be pulled from theaters in May or June and be rereleased this fall with 45 minutes of additional footage. Sure, why not? I've always thought that the main problem with Titanic is that it isn't long enough. In a catty personal note, director James Cameron has supposedly ditched wife Linda Hamilton for British actress Suzy Amis (who played Rose's daughter in Titanic). Gee, I wonder if Amis will get more screentime in the Special Edition.

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