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By Cap'n O

MAY 10, 1999:  Life is full horrible things. In just this century we've had to face the horror of Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot, Sesame Street, the Arch Deluxe hamburger, men with scraggly beards, and women who refuse to get breast implants.

Past centuries have had their own man-made horrors: The French and English used to take great delight in slaughtering each other. Europeans savaged Indians. Indians killed and tortured each other. Christians and Turks poked out each other's eyes over God. Jesus Christ, the most loving human ever to walk the planet, was nailed to a cross, and the British spent centuries spreading their bland food all over the world.

For the most part, people have faced and dealt with these horrors. We waged unconditional war against crazy Adolf and threw up when we ate the Arch Deluxe. But there is one horror in life that is so horrible we refuse to face it or accept that it exists. It is the reality that humans can't be controlled, that some people are monsters, that evil lurks in us, our children and our neighbors, and that no matter how many laws and rules we make, no matter how much we restrict our freedoms, evil will sometimes win, and somebody will kill, rape, maim, torture and otherwise abuse other humans.

Since the two crazies shot down their fellow students at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo., just about everybody is looking for something or someone to blame, and for ways to prevent this from ever happening again.

Radio talk show hosts and their listeners have been blaming the monsters' parents and society. Those on the right blame Hollywood, TV and our amoral society for the killings. Religious people say it happened because God has been kicked out of public schools. President Liar and his band of anti-freedom goons blame it on guns and want more restrictive gun laws.

Most people are desperate for a simple answer and solution. For the right, all our problems would end if we could just start teaching morals and stop blurring the line between right and wrong. For the Liar In Chief and his crowd, just one more freedom-restricting law will keep us all safe.

Our desire for simple answers and solutions is understandable. We want to feel safe and secure. But we are also dangerously ignorant of reality and the fact that life is work and a constant struggle.

No matter how many restrictions the lefties can put on our freedoms and no matter how many times we praise the lord in schools, evil will sometimes get us.

Conservatives like to yap about how safe and secure the 1950s and 1960s were. As a nation we had a strong sense of morals, and we still hadn't decided to make God an outcast.

But on Dec. 1, 1958, 95 kids and their teachers died in a horrible fire that swept through Our Lady of the Angels Catholic grammar school in Chicago. Many believe the fire was the work of an arsonist. The case has never been solved. Ninety-five people died. No guns were used. Arson was a crime in 1958.

In the 1950s you couldn't find a more wholesome, family-oriented place than Wisconsin. Stout German and Polish farmers tilled their 120-acre farms, went to church on Sundays, drank whole milk and burped to their cows. But in the midst of all that wholesomeness, one sick hayseed decided to make lampshades out of his wife and to eat other people. He was Wisconsin's first well-known cannibal. Killing and eating other humans was a crime back then.

Richard Speck strangled a half-dozen or so nurses in the mid-1960s. That was illegal.

John Wayne Gacy killed more than 30 young men in the 1970s and buried them underneath his house. He didn't use a gun. He strangled them after having sex with them. Strangling young men was a crime at the time.

California had a guy who sexually tortured and killed women and kids.

Cain started it all by knocking off his brother Abel.

So let's stop knee-jerking away our rights in response to what, in the scheme of things, are isolated incidents, and deal rationally with this ultimate horror: Evil is out there, and all the laws in the world won't make it go away.

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