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"Angels Dance and Angels Die," is like, really profound, man.

By James DiGiovanna

APRIL 27, 1998: 

Angels Dance and Angels Die, by Patricia Butler (Schirmer Books). Cloth, $26.95.

I LOVE ROCK music. Know why? Because rock musicians are like poets. Wasn't it Bobby Dylan who said, "She makes love just like a woman, and she aches just like a woman, but she breaks like a little girl"? Wow. But you know who was the greatest poet of all? Jim Morrison. He wrote "This is the end, beautiful friend. This is the end, my only friend." Cool, huh? Well, author Patricia Butler has noticeably increased the quantity of books about Morrison by releasing Angels Dance and Angels Die, the title of which is taken from a poem/song by Morrison, who was wild and free like an angel. In fact, he could have called himself "Free," but he chose to be "Jim."

Angels Dance and Angels Die is about his super-tragic romance with Pamela Courson, who was his cosmic mate, or so he said. They fought and took drugs and broke things in hotels, and it was wild and free like rock music. In the end, they both had to die, which is, I guess, what Jim was talking about in his song "The End." Do you think someone could predict his own death if he wasn't a poet like Morrison? This book also has lots of cool pictures from Pamela's clothing store, where the fashions were so wild and free that people actually wore jewelry on their foreheads. And on the back cover there's a picture of Jim magically levitating Pamela. Because it was the sixties, and they were rock stars, and they could do things like that.

If you read Angels Dance and Angels Die, you will not only see these great pictures, you will also have read another book about Jim Morrison, and maybe you will be a little more wild, and a little more free.

Or something like that.

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