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APRIL 26, 1999: 

COOKIE'S FORTUNE. Director Robert Altman comes back strong in this quiet story about confused relations in a southern town. Charles Dutton turns in a career performance as Willis Richland, who is falsely accused of murder when Camille Orcutt (Glenn Close) rearranges things at the scene of her aunt's suicide. Julianne Moore gives even better than her usual turn as Camille's deranged, thespian sister. Also featuring the ubiquitous Chris O'Donnel (perhaps most tragically known for his role as Robin), the fetching Liv Tyler, the under-appreciated Ned Beatty and the indescribable Lyle Lovett. --DiGiovanna

LOST AND FOUND. This David Spade comedy is a mixed bag. On the plus side is David Spade, who delivers a series of cruel and yet self-deprecating one-liners that are almost always funny. On the other is the over-worked story of the guy who engages in stalker-like behavior in order to win a woman whose only appealing characteristic is her extreme beauty. The role of Extreme Beauty is played by Sophie Marceau, who's extremely good at looking beautiful. She won the Cesar Award (the French Oscar) for "Most Looking-Beautiful Woman-Type Creature" (that's a roughly literal translation). She plays the romantic comedy version of the ideal girlfriend: She's hot, she speaks French, and she's willing to date assholes. If the movie was just Sophie Marceau being painfully fly and David Spade being painfully funny it'd be a four-star knock-out, but unfortunately there's also a plot about a missing diamond ring, a pile of dog poop, a struggling businessman who's willing to act zany to get a loan, and, of course, the romantic pleasures of lying, stalking, and felony breaking and entering. --DiGiovanna

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