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Volume I, Issue 44
April 6 - April 13, 1998


Artist Profiles
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Got Milk?
Neutral Milk Hotel's stunning new album "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea," is a back-to-nature mix of surrealistic imagery and kaleidoscopic melodies that might imply hippie-damaged psychedelia to some. [2]
Roni Sarig

Cranked Up
Michael McCall finds Iodine loud and proud. [3]
Michael McCall

World Class
Veteran club DJ Frankie Knuckles has his eyes on anyplace except the States. [4]
Michael Freedberg

Good Vibrations
The High Llamas' "Cold and Bouncy" is great, but "The Pet Sounds Sessions" prove there's only one Beach Boys. [5]
Mac Randall

Money and Tequila
Getting drunk with Cash Money. [6]
Dave Chamberlain

Buzz Girl
Alterna-songstress Rebecca Johnson is surprised by her musical success -- but it's no surprise. [7]
Franklin Soults

Return Trip
Superdrag fights off the sophomore slump. [8]
Ben Taylor

Pulp Fictions
Pulp's Jarvis Cocker flirts with the heartfelt and sometimes embraces it, but it's never a sloppy embrace. [9]
Charles Taylor

Musical Manifesto
Davěd Garza and his major label debut, "This Euphoria." [10]
Andy Langer

All in Perspective
Drummer Chris Searles. [11]
Michael Bertin

Album Reviews
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This Euphoria
A review of David Garza's "This Euphoria." [12]

A Sense of Adventure
David Murray and Olu Dara look forward to jazz's future. [13]
Ron Wynn

Now What?
If you go gaga over the sultry smoothness of a symphonic glissando, just wait till you experience our transitions to cool and useful music links on the Web. [18]

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I 've been thinking, like, what's the point of rock-and-roll anymore? So you have a band, with a drummer, bassist, guitarist, and maybe somebody on accordion or whatever. And a singer. You write some songs, you make up lyrics that are all, like, clever and express your heart and all. And for what? So you can drive around to clubs and spend an hour setting up your drum kit and play your tunes to a bunch of screaming dancing humans? I mean, Why?

Don't these music people realize they're wasting their time? They could be sitting in offices, negotiating with other people inside those offices, filling out paper forms and talking on the phone....all day! Or sitting in front of a computer. They could be surfing the Web! Instead they just want to drive from town to town, sleep in late, meet girls and stuff, hang out....what a waste. They could be in an office. They could have their own cubicle.

I dunno, I dunno. I mean look at Cash Money, what do they do, they just play music and drink tequila, like in this article (I think they are drunk). Or look at Iodine, their only goal is to be "the loudest band in the world" and "have fun" (???). Then you've got this DJ guy, Frankie Knuckles, who spins vinyl all week and has a big smile on his face and lots of friends. What kind of life is that?

Rebekah had it made as a waitress and office worker. But she squandered that good start to get a record deal on some little nothing label called Elektra. Why, why, why? Neutral Milk Hotel might be well up the corporate ladder, but no, they just want to play acoustic/punk/gospel, blah blah, expressing themselves, blah blah. Superdrag pays homage to Beatles meets My Bloody Valentine, the High Llamas pay homage to "Pet Sounds"-era Beach Boys, Jarvis Cocker channels Bryan Ferry, and what does it amount to? Not a hill of beans. Not even one bean.

Self expression, creativity, art...whatever. Don't these people realize they could be temping?

Mini Reviews
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Boston Phoenix CD Reviews

  • Abunai
  • Anoushka
  • Chicane
  • Feeder
  • The Fleshtones
  • Karl Hendricks Trio
  • Plan 9
  • Platinum on Black

Turn Up That Noise!

  • Ted Hawkins
  • Kitchens & Bathrooms

Rhythm & Views

  • DJ Shadow
  • Bobby Fuller Four
  • Robyn Miller

Record Reviews

  • Air French Band
  • Marc Cohn
  • Ani Difranco
  • Dimitri From Paris
  • Dean Fraser
  • Gastr Del Sol
  • The Gourds
  • The Halo Benders
  • Modest Mouse
  • The Artist Formerly Known As Prince
  • Propellerheads
  • Robbie Robertson
  • The Skatalites
  • The Young Dubliners

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