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Voices Raised
The Fairfield Four has weathered nearly a century of changes; Bill Friskics-Warren finds out how.
Bill Friskics-Warren

A GOP wiseguy offers Al Gore some sound advice about Election '00.
Daniel Casse

Running It Off
A writer describes how the rigors of marathon running saved him from drowning in alcohol.
Rob Simbeck

In Defense of Elitism
What do Martha Stewart and Picasso have in common?
David Ribar

Up From Slavery
"Amistad" juggles the demands of history and entertainment.
Noel Murray

Picking Up the Tempo
Michael McCall profiles Nashville bass virtuoso Edgar Meyer.
Michael McCall; Photos by Eric England

Does Christmas indeed have any meaning left? A panel of local theologians talk amongst themselves.

Kids on Pills
Is Ritalin a wonder drug or a typical '90s cure-all for a tough problem?
John Gaver; photographs by Susan Adcock

Lightening Up
Tennessee State University says it has lots of white students, but where are they?
Liz Murray Garrigan; Photography by Susan Adcock

Hush Job?
Grave safety concerns are raised by a "hush" device on all DC-9 aircraft. A Scene exclusive.
Willy Stern

The Smoldering Fire
The slow-burning history of the anti-smoking crusade.
Michael Sims

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