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To Preserve and Protect
Preserving, conserving, and restoring priceless texts at UT's Humanities Research Center.
Claiborne Smith

Some of That Jazz
America's favorite curmudgeon on jazz innovators and imitators, and the writers who love them.
Harvey Pekar

The Jacqueline Susann Story
Review of "Lovely Me: the Life of Jacqueline Susann" by Barbara Seaman; plus "All Over but the Shoutin'" by Rick Bragg and Douglas Adams' "Starship Titanic" by Terry Jones.

The Message of Dreams
An interview with Violet Crown winner Lisa Sandlin, author of the collection of short fiction, "Message to the Nurse of Dreams."
Barbara Strickland

Dusting off the Bookshelf
Short reviews of the novel "Memoirs of a Geisha" by Arthur Golden, and various other 1997 releases.

Books Top Tens
The Chronicle lit critics review the year in books.

No Prozac for the Wicked
An interview with crime fiction legend Donald Westlake.
Jesse Sublett

Dyed-in-the-Wool Fan
The historical fiction of Diana Gaboldon.
Virginia B. Wood

Art That Speaks for Itself
Art and photo books are enhanced all the more by good writing.
Claiborne K.H. Smith

A Hundred's Not Enough
A roundup of art and photo books that cross the broad scope of our culture.
Margaret Moser

Pages for Presents
What to give to the book lovers you love.
Margaret Moser

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