Cruel and Unusual
Violence-free prisons? Yeah, right. Might as well ask for nerd-free video arcades, snob-free country clubs, and pretentiousness-free coffeehouses while you're at it. Because it ain't happening.

The Great Critic Test
People love criticizing critics, and why shouldn't they? Those critics can be so darned critical sometimes. But what happens when a critic gets critical about other people's criticisms?

Prime Time Apartheid
Thanks to "The Cosby Show" and Oprah, among other influences, the prevalence of blacks on television has been steadily increasing. So why is it that prime-time entertainment TV has become more segregated than ever?

Playing Possum
Fat Possum Records, which hails from Oxford, Mississippi, claims to be the only legitimate blues label in existence -- with music "so strong it'll pull the panties off a nun."

Cloak of Lies
Think you know what happened during the 1993 FBI attack on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas? Think again. A recent documentary uncovers the ugly truth about the fiasco.