Chicago Hype Exchange
Charting the capricious contours of celebrity


1. HARRY CARAY Grandson Chip's got some awfully big glasses to fill. Time to start learning those lyrics.

2. OPRAH WINFREY The talk-show titan's Texas broadcasts earned her show its highest ratings of the season -- plus the judge ground up the "veggie libel" portion of the suit against her.

3. FRANCIS CARDINAL GEORGE Chicago's top Catholic sure traveled a long way for that new red hat. After all, the Bulls sell stylish models -- complete with horns -- at the nearby United Center.

4. JIM EDGAR The Guv made his bid for statesman status by submitting a final budget containing a big boost for education and a $750 million surplus.

5. TERRY HILLARD CPD Chief of Detectives proved a popular choice for Top Cop among the rank-and-file.


1. CHRIS CHELIOS Team USA hockey captain and his mates partied a bit too hard in Nagano before leaving in disgrace.

2. TIM MCCARTHY Penny Severns, the cancer-stricken woman he shoved off the secretary of state ballot, died. Some kind of hero he turned out to be.

3. JERRY KRAUSE Players and media types roundly criticized the Bulls GM for frittering away young talent Jason Caffey.

4. DENNIS RODMAN Shut up and play, old man.

5. JOHN CHRISTOPHER Silver Shovel mole popped out of his hole for the first time since 1996, only to take more hits for his admittedly checkered past.


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