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MARCH 1, 1999: 

8 MM (R)
Nicholas Cage is a small town private eye who spends most of his time spying on unfaithful spouses and petty thieves, until, of course, a disturbing 8mm film he finds sends him on a seedily glamorous chase through L.A. and New York City. And, no, he doesn't find the Zapruder film or the Tommy and Pamela sex tapes; the found film is far more disturbing—as if that's possible.
Prediction: Nicholas Cage is usually pretty solid in these good-guy-gone-obsessed-lunatic roles and co-star Catherine Keener is an under-rated actress who took a diva-turn in Your Friends and Neighbors. Still, this flick is directed by Joel Schumacher, who can be intriguing—Falling Down, The Client—or appalling—Batman Forever, Batman & Robin. Hopefully, since Cage is not wearing a flashy costume, this will be one of Schumacher's better works.
Probable Entertainment Value: B

A slightly retarded young women (Juliette Lewis) comes of age and successfully resists her overbearing mom (Diane Keaton) in this "uplifting and often bittersweet romantic comedy" from Garry Marshall.
Prediction: I blame Rain Man for making every actor feel as if he or she has to play someone who is mentally challenged in order to be taken seriously. I suppose simply hiring an actor who already is mentally challenged just wouldn't give these high-ticket stars the chance to prove their chops. Whatever.
Probable Entertainment Value: C

Max Fischer is Rushmore's most active student—it's just a shame that all of his activities are of the extracurricular type and he is rapidly flunking out of the school that has become his identity. Enter Miss Cross, the beautiful first grade teacher, and Mr. Blume (Bill Murray), Max's rival for her affections, and you have the makings for a wonderful black comedy.
Prediction: We all know how much Americans love movies set at all-boys boarding schools. To prove it, this is a film every critic in the country has been raving about. Maybe, just maybe, it might also have something to do Bill Murray's tour de force performance.
Probable Entertainment Value: A

There's just something about New Year's Eve—especially in New York. Martha Plimpton is holding a hot bash at her digs in the East Village and we get to watch all of her friends straggle on over in various states of heartbreak, inebriation, and dress. And what dress it will be, given that this flick is set in 1981. Break out the skinny ties and Fee Waybill hair-dos.
Prediction: It stars a who's who of young, hot talent, like Ben and Casey Affleck, Courtney Love, Christina Ricci, and Paul Rudd, but was directed by a former casting director who may not know a wide shot from a hole in the ground. If nothing else, however, the performances and nostalgia flash la The Wedding Singer should make this a hoot.
Probable Entertainment Value: B

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