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FEBRUARY 23, 1999: 

The biographical story of horror movie director James Whale, who created such atmospheric classics as Frankenstein and The Invisible Man in the '30s. Whale (portrayed here by Ian McKellan) was also one of the very, very few Hollywood names who was unabashedly "out" at the time.
Prediction: Who are we kidding? It's on every critic's "10 Best" list from last year. Go see it.
Probable Entertainment Value: A

Big bad Rose McGowan (she dates Marilyn Manson!) is the ringleader of a catty group of high school "cool" girls. Sadly, they accidently kill the prom queen in a freak jawbreaker accident while kidnapping her.
Prediction: Heathers meets Scream. So what else is new?
Probable Entertainment Value: B

Mike Judge, mastermind behind Beavis and Butthead and King of the Hill, makes his first foray into live action film making. An office drone (Ron Livingston) decides he longer can stomach his mind-numbing computer programming job, so he schemes different ways of getting fired. Sadly, all his efforts only send him up the corporate ladder.
Prediction: Considering the fact that Judge produces the most realistic sitcom on television, this white collar comedy might just capture the agonies of sitting behind a computer all day and hitting the keys...hitting the keys...hitting the keys...(somebody help me!)
Probable Entertainment Value: B

Homer Hickam's autobiography, Rocket Boys, comes to the screen under the direction of Joe Johnston (Honey, I Shrunk the Kids), who shot it mostly in the Knoxville area. It's the inspiring story of how one boy from a rural coal mining town in the '50s sets his sights on the stars, and gets a job with NASA. With Laura Dern and Chris Cooper.
Prediction: Despite what they say about the paving material on the road to hell, this small-scale drama might be an island of maturity in the Hollywood release schedule. And it might be good, too.
Probable Entertainment Value: B

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