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By R.U. Steinberg

FEBRUARY 15, 1999: 

The ballpoint pen ink in a typical signature might have a mass of 6 x 1019 u.

The "wave" was first observed as a fan phenomenon in Husky Stadium, in Seattle, Wash., on Oct. 31, 1981 during the third quarter of a football game between the University of Washington and Stanford University.

It takes two years for Australian oysters to produce giant cultured pearls. The average oyster produces four pearls in its eight-year lifespan.

London police recently began sending criminals birthday cards with a picture of their local police station on the front as a warning. Inside each card is a picture of a cell door and the caption: "Thinking of you on your birthday."

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi privatized his government's fleet of 6,000 camels.

The above is information which Mr. Smarty Pants read in a book, a magazine, or the newspaper; heard on the radio; saw on television; or overheard at a party. Got facts? Email Mr. Smarty Pants at mrpants@auschron.com.

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