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FEBRUARY 14, 2000: 

Projects like Blair Witch make filmmaking look like a breeze, so much so that any Joe or Jane could pick up a camera and go. Which is exactly what director Chris Smith (American Job) does to talent-challenged, would-be auteur Mark Borchardt in this documentary.
Prediction: Amerian Movie won raves at last year's Sundance, not only for vindicating the skill it takes to make a movie, but for Smith treating Borchardt with neither ridicule or irony, yet still with humor and fun. And, nope, the Guru is not striving to do the same; we treat everyone with equal amounts of withering condescension.
Probable Entertainment Value: A

Leonardo DiCaprio is back—and still in the water! This time he finds the secret island of his dreams, only to have them turn into nightmares. How original.
Prediction: The triumvirate of director Danny Boyle, producer Andrew Macdonald, and screenwriter John Hodge (Trainspotting, Shallow Grave) can do wonders with dark material, but will this be another fiasco like A Life Less Ordinary (the horror! the horror!)? And does it matter, since Leo means that the film will have a built-in audience?
Probable Entertainment Value: C

Schools close on a snowy day in Syracuse, N.Y. and all heck breaks loose. Yup, that's the entire plot. With Chris Elliott, Chevy Chase, Jean Smart, and Mark Webber.
Prediction: Even kids will find it moronic. But Chris Elliott does play an evil snow plow operator...
Probable Entertainment Value: D

Come back to the whimsical Hundred Acre Wood and let A.A. Milne's creations make you a kid again. Remember—the title character prefers "T-I-double guh-rrr."
Prediction: Let me be sincere for just one moment—as long as Disney hasn't snuck in a Phil Collins number, it'll be magical.
Probable Entertainment Value: A

Just the other day I was wondering when someone would produce a movie on colorful composers Gilbert & Sullivan. Thankfully, Mike Leigh (Naked, Secrets and Lies, Life is Sweet) can read my thoughts and brought his unique style to the lives of these late-Victorians.
Prediction: Critics are calling this Leigh's best film, which is heady praise on the heels of Secrets & Lies.
Probable Entertainment Value: A

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