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FEBRUARY 8, 1999: 

Emily Watson plays the late Jacqueline du Pré, a musical prodigy whose mastery of the cello thrust her into a complicated life. Meanwhile, her sister Hilary (Rachel Griffiths), also musically gifted, opts for a quiet homelife.
Prediction: It's Breaking the Waves meets Shine. But Watson plays troubled foreign women like no other actress today. Ought to be a gripping drama.
Probable Entertainment Value: B

He's crazy! He's pissed! And he's got a gun! It's the recurring role Mel Gibson was born for. Need we go much further than that? Okay, okay—he and a partner steal some stolen money. Then his partner doublecrosses him. So now Mel wants "payback." Get it?
Prediction: Lethal Weapon 4 and a Half. But with no wacky sidekick and a much better soundtrack.
Probable Entertainment Value: C

Buffy's Sarah Michelle Gellar suddenly grows up into a chef at her own restaurant. Spying a hunk (Sean Patrick Flanery) at one of her tables, she cooks up a meal that makes him fall in love with her. But what do you know—they're really different!
Prediction: Is it just me or does Gellar look just like every other high school girl you've ever seen at the mall? That might be fine for a TV sit-com set in a high school, but it's a completely different matter when she's starring in a movie that's supposedly about adults. You may find yourself hunting for the channel changer...
Probable Entertainment Value: C

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