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W hew, what a week that was! All of a sudden, people everywhere were saying Bill Clinton would have to resign or face impeachment. Thanks to rumors about blowjobs, the United States seemed ready to collapse. I went from feeling defensive on Clinton's behalf, to feeling angry at him for creating the situation, to finally deciding to cool down, back off, and wait to see how things played out.

And boy, did they play out. Mere months after the legitimate press critized the tabloids for hounding Princess Diana, those same publications raced to print with stories (and editorial conclusions) based on hearsay, strategically leaked evidence, and reports from Matt "I'm not responsible for what I report" Drudge. We saw more spin doctors at work than at a deejay scratchin' competition, more points and counter-points than in all the Mexican standoffs of John Woo's and Quentin Tarantino's films combined, and more uses of the word "Gate" than at a fencebuilder's convention.

Now here we are a week and a half later, and Clinton's enjoying one of his highest approval ratings. A judicial ruling has found the Monica Lewinsky evidence irrelevant, her negotiations with Kenneth Starr have fallen through, and people are actually talking about pertinent issues (like Iraq) again. Even ticket sales for the movie "Wag the Dog" are declining. The scandal appears to have died down as quickly as it erupted.

I wouldn't want to jump to any conclusions, though. I'll leave that for the experts. Here they are, in all their opinionated, pole-vaulting glory:

But if you're plum tired of reading about "Lewisnkygate" or "Whitefluid" or whatever they're calling it now, there's always this story about a Chicago death-row inmate whose case brings to mind many of the same questions people are currently asking about Texas inmate Karla Faye Tucker. We've also got pointed articles about the great syringes-for-addicts debate, racism in Australia, and Scientology's lackluster info-movie. And it's always fun to read R.U. Steinberg's "Mr. Smartypants." Especially since he keeps them on.

Now What?
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Volume I, Issue 35
February 2 - February 9, 1998

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Till Death Do Us Part
Going behind bars to meet two prisoners of love. [2]
Keith O'Brien

The Sticking Point
Giving syringes to drug addicts saves lives, but the issue has politicians on pins and needles. [3]
Jacqueline Marino

Clinton Mania
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Dog the Wag
If the Clinton-Lewinsky affair seems like a movie, blame the producers. [6]
Jim Hanas

Time for a Change?
If so, dear old Gerald Ford - oops, Al Gore - is ready to go. [7]
Jackson Baker

Thar' She Blows!
Speculations in the gutter of American politics. [8]
Jeff Smith

Confessions of a Nixon Hack
Moral bankruptcy is moral bankruptcy, no matter who's doing the stroking. Too bad the local media mouths don't call it that way. [9]
Emil Franzi

Willie Waggin'
Apparently middle Americans don't really care all that much about Slick Willie's alleged weenie wagging. But a big, messy divorce would gladden some hearts. [10]
Susan Zakin

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Conversion Course
Hollywood has little to fear from the folks at the Church of Scientology. [4]
Mark Bazer

On Being a Wog
Australia isn't exactly Nirvana for non-Anglos. [5]
Yvonne Abraham

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Mr. Smarty Pants
Our resident know-it-all unearths the latest trivia. [11]
R.U. Steinberg

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