The Real World You Never Saw: Hawaii

December 10, 1999:

The Real World You Never Saw: Hawaii

(Sony Wonder, 1999, VHS: $11.99)

Telling you that this Real World compilation is lame is a little like telling Andy Dick the coke's not that good this month -- Real World addicts are pure freakazoids when it comes to getting their fix. Just know that (despite splashy commercials to the contrary) this hourlong video is not uncensored, uncovered, or uncut -- although it is blessedly bereft of commercials starring David Arquette. Instead, The Real World You Never Saw is simply a look "behind the scenes," with this season's round-up of exhibitionists, narcissists, alcoholics, enablers, and codependents taking you into their little world filled with camera crews, interviews, and expensive Swedish furniture. For true-blue fans (and can there be any other kind?), the special offers a few interesting tidbits. Find out who hogged the confession booth, who took topless photos together (but don't get too excited, their unmentionables are still obscured), what the hell Justin and Kaia were talking about in those existential discussions, and what happens when a camera crew falls in the pool. It's not much, but it might tide you over till next season, and keep those nasty skin-crawling spiders at bay.

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