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December 3, 1999:


2179 (Rainmaker)

The newest from Austin's hard rock quartet Soak reverberates consistently throughout, which is no mean feat considering Soak used a handful of studios across the state to record 2179's 12 tracks. Opener "People Don't Care" is a woofer fest, the modern rock radio-friendly "Place Your Hands" rolls with an urgent Front 242ish chorus, the title track wraps electronica in a full Metallica jacket, the grisly "In Balance" describes the deadly aftermath of a car wreck, and "Hot Rod Novocaine" is as catchy as it is syncopated. As with all modern rock, there are an equal number of toss-offs, too: the obliquely worded, power singalong, "We Drink Till the Sunrise," destined to be a fratboy/tallboy call to arms, and the meandering closer "Backtrack" standing out in particular. With angular pop sensibility and melodies that burrow into your head -- for better or worse -- Soak's crisply recorded third full-length is a solid 40-minute fist-shaker rendered disposable by its dread lack of originality.


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