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December 3, 1999:

Third Degree


In a town as zydeco-deprived as Austin, any respite is a welcome one. Thus, Third Degree's Zydecopia is a suitable stopgap until you're able to make the 300-mile pilgrimage to bayou country. Far removed from the frenzied dance-floor funk of Lil' Brian Terry or the late Beau Jocque, Zydecopia is still worth a whirl or two around the room. Pepe Melancon's accordion keeps things lively, adding a touch of Port Arthur to the South Austin proceedings, and Joyce Weaver's down-home twang is a fine mouthpiece -- she says "may-un" with enough emphasis to make Lou Ann Barton smile. Hit "Ain't Got No Zydeco," "Good Work if You Can Get It," "Pig Loves Corn," and "Gulf Coast Rocker" for maximum effect, but don't overlook the slick rubboard work on the agreeable "When the Saints Go Marchin' In" cover. It's not Clifton Chenier, admittedly, but to paraphrase Smokey Robinson, sometimes a taste of gumbo is better than none at all.


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