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Volume III, Issue 30
January 17 - January 24, 2000  

A rtist Wendy Timm's near-acre spread is part survivalist theme park and part holy shrine to Saturday morning cartoons. It's also her working studio, and a complicated study in aesthetic composition.

Seasonal beers, designed to take advantage of or cope with the temperature of the moment, have been brewed and eagerly imbibed for centuries. Winter brews deserve a special place in our hearts and on our palates.

The expansive nature of modern life means that everything from pasta to potatoes, served in a moist dressing, bears the name salad. This embarrassment of salad riches requires careful planning of meals.

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Soldier Of Fortune [2]
Ceramist and former teacher Wendy Timm believes in "arming the innocent."
— Mari Wadsworth, TUCSON WEEKLY
Winter Beers to Savor [3]
Winter brews should take a special place in our hearts and on our palates, not the least because they tend to have more alcohol.
Salad Days [4]
Some simple ways to transform an otherwise uninteresting collection of greens into a delightful mixture of flavor and texture.
— David Jacobs, WEEKLY ALIBI
Now What? [5]
A gallery of captivating links to keep your imagination churning while the paint dries.

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