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Weekly Alibi Of Tumultuous 2000... And Beyond!

Psychics' Predictions for Times Ahead

By Os Davis

JANUARY 17, 2000:  Want to know what's in store for us in 2000? Ask a psychic. We did: four, in fact, in the hopes of shedding some light over the next fifty-two weeks. We constructed a list of general areas worthy of otherworldly insight using any number of methods, from tarot card reading to spirit guides to the good old-fashioned crystal ball. Long after the dust has settled on the made-to-be-broken New Year's resolutions, the annual tradition of fortune-telling plays on.

Got your scoresheets out? Then get ready to check these lists during the coming 12 months. Watching brick houses of the past collapse and anticipated strawmen stand firm is almost as much fun, after all, as gorging yourself in ways you swore you wouldn't this year.

Stan Alexander's Predictions

Weather: The Gulf Coast will experience one of the worst hurricanes of the past 10 years. New Mexico will experience a drought in the next several months.

Economy: Interest rates for loans and personal savings will go up. The stock market will continue to rise; it will be rather volatile, however, with 2000 seeing perhaps the single greatest drop of all-time. On another day, the greatest gain ever will be posted.

National News: Internet use will increase as more and more service providers move to free service. Scandal erupts over information gathering by Internet sites and issues of public privacy.

Election 2000: George W. Bush will win the presidential election. Expect to see him carry about 32 states.

Religion: The Pope will suffer from failing health, and we may well see smoke -- first black then white -- over the Vatican.

Stan Alexander is an Alburquerque psychic specializing in private readings -- tarot, palm, runes and numerology. He has been featured in several international publications and television programs and has been a headlining entertainer at night-clubs and other venues across the country including Six Flags Great Adventure. He was voted "Best Psychic" in Weekly Alibi's 1999 Best of Burque Readers' Poll.

Jackie Littlejohn's Predictions

Weather: The Big Story. Due to a cyclical peak in sunspot activity, all kinds of nastiness are in store for weather-watchers; unexpected volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and floods dominate 2000's headlines.

National News: Tumultuous indeed will be Bill Clinton's year 2000. A very difficult year is ahead for the President, possibly costing him his life. Look for a major increase in UFO activity as well.

Election 2000: In a very close race, Bush defeats Bill Bradley. Hillary Clinton loses big to Rudy Giuliani in New York.

International Affairs: Terrorist activity multiplies in the U.S. and elsewhere in the West. Recent U.S. police activity increases in response. Japan will face government-level shake-ups and populist uprisings.

Russia: Heads will roll while the economy improves under Putin's iron-fisted command.

Religion: Due to Pope John Paul II's failing health, the Pontiff will become more and more ineffectual as 2000 progresses. Roman Catholic women, meanwhile, make great strides in evolving the church.

Health: Old diseases -- typhoid, tuberculosis -- in new forms will make comebacks, particularly in the Third World.

Science: NASA decides to scrap the Mars program, at least temporarily.

Trends: Despite a sometimes terrifying 2000, belief in humanity itself will be a hallmark of the '00s. Youth will place prime importance on independence of mind and spirit, taking political stands at younger and younger ages.

Deaths: Death comes for Boris Yeltsin, whose recent retirement belies a terminal condition, and Fidel Castro.

Jackie Littlejohn is a medicine woman, spirit guide and counselor, and a professional psychic and reader.

Martha Woodworth's Predictions

Celebrities: While Ted Turner and Jane Fonda may reconcile, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise will divorce within two years.

Weather: An easygoing forecast for 2000. West coast denizens fearing The Big One can rest easy, as that major earthquake won't hit until 2004 or so.

Election 2000: Al Gore Jr. bags the presidency over Bush in a close race. Even closer will be the acrimonious New York campaign, with Giuliani scraping past Hillary in a near dead-heat.

Russia: No help in sight for the country's economic woes. Far from a panacea, Putin will face coup attempts.

Sports: Though tragedy -- either a terrorist bomb scare or a freak storm -- will hog headlines during the Olympic Games, four new international superstars will capture the world's imagination. Look for a dominant swimmer and an Asian gymnast.

Science: New forms of non-surgical cosmetology are on the horizon, as well as medicaments that will work to improve interpersonal relationships.

Trends: The next decade will resonate with echoes of the '60s, as communes, peaceniks, and group consciousness return to the fore. Emphasis on non-traditional marriages and families is imminent.

Martha Woodworth is a professional astrologer, tarot-reader, and established psychic detective. When tapped as New Woman magazine's psychic advisor, she became the first to hold such a position for a national publication.

Seth Tanksley's Predictions

Celebrities: Bad news for the wedding plans of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, as any matrimonial vows between these two are certain to be short term. Aniston faces health problems later in the year. The Turner/Fonda separation, however, is purely temporary, with reconciliation imminent.

Weather: Look for hurricanes of unforeseen magnitude to batter the East coast from Virginia to Florida and tornadoes to sweep great paths through the Midwest. Albuquerque, too, will see its first tornado in some years.

National News: A serial killer, probably from Seattle, will make headlines with a body count revealed to be in the hundreds; the stomach-turning murders to be read about in 2000 are happening now.

Election 2000: The Democrats have a White House lock for four more years at least. When skeletons emerge from Gore's closet, Bradley overtakes him in the Democratic race and becomes the next president. Hillary will defeat Giuliani in New York.

Russia: Putin, while becoming the best thing to happen to his nation for centuries, will anger U.S. interests with his hard-line isolationist stance. No let-up in the Chechen conflict is in sight.

Religion: Three major religious leaders go through major transition periods this year. While the Dalai Lama appears safe, Billy Graham had better be careful.

Health: 2000 will be a banner year for medical science, particularly in areas of AIDS and breast cancer research, with a publicly-released immunization against the former possible.

Trends: Look for lyrics to take on singular importance in pop music and for a general mellowing on the top 40. An Oriental bent will tinge pop culture. Teen fashion will be more androgynous, while tattooing and piercing become passé.

Deaths: Death comes for Pope John Paul II, but not Ronald Reagan.

Seth Tanksley is a professional psychic, reader, and tutor. He has hosted the cable access television program "The Seth Show," boasts numerous talk radio appearances, and has appeared on national TV's "Hard Copy."

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