Chicago Hype Exchange
Charting the capricious contours of celebrity


1. ROD BLAGOJEVICH Disturbed by a Trib report detailing the flow of military guns to civilian no-gooders, Congressman Rod immediately started raising some ruckus, D.C.-style, and he burned over a plan to transport napalm to Chicago.

2. MICHAEL JORDAN Lots of points, lots of wins, saved the world, blah blah blah.

3. ARNOLD MIRELES Community activist who was murdered on Monday honored posthumously by police, Da Mare and state representatives.

4. TERRY GABINSKI 32nd Ward Alderman lauded after doing an about-face and giving support to a shelter for homeless women in a vacant convent.

5. KEITH CARNEY Fighting back-spasms just hours before the game, the Blackhawks stay-at-home defenseman garnered two rare assists in a 3-1 win against the hated Red Wings.


1. TED KACZYNSKI Lawyers for the accused Unabomber dropped "Boom Boom"'s insanity plea, evidently finding the reason for living in a shack in Montana.

2. ANGEL LOPEZ Former prez of Credit Union 1 convicted on federal charges of conspiring to soak the lending institution of nearly $2 million.

3. PAUL OLIVER-HOFFMANN Former chairman of the MCA board of trustees slapped with a lawsuit by the art museum for failing to fulfill a $5 million pledge.

4. JASON MCDERMOTT Slippery DuPage County con-man who once impersonated a U.S. Congressman and an Elmhurst alderman was finally nabbed by police in Copley, Ohio.

5. TONI KUKOC The Croatian Sensation, called on to guard Kevin Garnett, Glenn Robinson and Grant Hill, played tough as tissue, giving up 20, 42 and 31 points, respectively.


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